Youth and Students for Peace focuses on three areas: Character Education, Service Project Training and Intercultural Activities. Through these three areas our goal is to promote a global mindset among young people of all nationalities and cultural backgrounds in order to support the Sustainable Develop Goals and ultimately create sustainable peace and prosperity for all. By working together we learn to love, respect and appreciate one another as unique individuals who have something special to offer to the world.


Character Education

Where do we learn about love, values and what being good means? It starts with our family. The Four Family Loves curriculum is a series of presentations for both younger and older students about the four kinds of love we learn and need in the family and how it can address emotional and social issues within ourselves and society.


Service Project Training

Doing public service and helping others is the best practice for learning what it means to live for the sake of others. With the Peace Designer Program, youth and students learn how to plan and put together their own service projects within their communities by seeing what their community might need and implementing their ideas to address these needs. This encourages public mindedness and living for the sake of the whole instead of just the individual.


Intercultural Activities

What better way is there to share each others' cultures than through art, music, dance and food? Intercultural events are a way we can get exposed to and appreciate the arts and cultures of our brothers and sisters around the world. Through connecting and getting to know others from various cultures young people can dissolve concepts and stigmas and instead develop international connections and bonds.