Character Education

Families are the root...

Where do we learn about love, values and what being good means? It starts with our family. The Four Family Loves curriculum is a series of presentations for both younger and older students about the four kinds of love we learn and need in the family and how it can address emotional and social issues within ourselves and society.


 Developed by Dr. Robert Kittel and Dr. Tyler Hendricks, the Four Family Loves has 12 lessons on the love we experience as children towards our parents, love for our siblings, love between spouses and love as a parent. It focuses on how to create meaningful and loving relationships in each stage of our life and that it is ultimately the blueprint for how we relate to the rest of the world and create strong societies starting with the family. Within each lesson are exercises and homework for the youth to practice what it means to live for others and what kind of standards they want to practice for a healthy lifestyle at home with family and friends. The curriculum was developed for educators to customize based on their audience’s cultural background.