Intercultural Activities

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One World, One Family

What better way is there to share each others' cultures than through art, music, dance and food? Intercultural events are a way we can get exposed to and appreciate the arts and cultures of our brothers and sisters around the world. Through connecting and getting to know others from various cultures young people can dissolve concepts and stigmas and instead develop international connections and bonds.

YSP creates and encourages youth to plan activities and events promoting intercultural collaboration and sharing. Whether we put together an international music performance, share ethnic dishes, play sports, help with a service project or even just sit and talk together the goal is to not leave anyone out and get to know all the different youth in our communities. Sometimes this takes stepping out of our comfort zone and reaching out to those we don't know so well, but this is key to start on the path of understanding in order to develop a global mindset for sustainable peace. When we each can personally get to know an individual from a completely different culture and background from ourselves we might find there are more similarities than differences between us.