What is it?

Youth and Students for Peace offers a full day seminar called the “Peace Designer” that teaches service project planning for youth and young adults. Participants learn a different perspective on how sustainable peace can be created and identify personal strengths and passions that can be used to help address issues that are present in their community. The seminar takes students through step-by-step discussions and planning to make their “Peace Project” a reality with a team. Workbooks are provided by the seminar speaker for each participant to use and take home. At the end they give a presentation on their project and have action steps ready for when they leave the seminar.


Who should go?

The primary target audience are young adults age18-40, but anyone outside of this age range are welcome to participate. The seminar can also be customized to work with younger groups, providing a jump start for youth to think about how they can contribute to their local community. It is a great opportunity for any group of young people whether a club, sports team, church youth or ministry group that want to create service projects in their communities. If you are a young person with ideas for community projects, but need a space to plan it out, this is the place for you.

Why should I attend?

Through the seminar participants can meet with other young people who want to create projects, learn teamwork, identify personal passions and skills, learn what’s needed for sustainable peace, learn how to create a presentation, and be certified as Peace Designers. Projects created by YSP Peace Designers are qualified to be submitted as Peace Projects for the YSP S!nergy Talk and Peace Maker Award for opportunities to showcase, receive grants and gain support for the project. The requirements for a project to be a YSP Peace Project are:

  • The project leader went through and completed the Peace Designer Seminar

  • The project promotes peace within, with others or the environment (read our Peace Perspective)

  • The project supports one or more Sustainable Development Goal

  • The project leader is under age 40

Already have an ongoing project? No problem! If you are under age 40 and have an existing project you would like to submit as a Peace Project for YSP grant opportunities, attending a Peace Designer Seminar is the first step.

What’s the Schedule like?

The seminar is flexible and can be given in one day or over the course of 2 days. It takes approximately 7-8 hours to complete the seminar depending on the size of the group. The general outline are as follows with 10-15 min breaks given as needed:

  • YSP Introduction and Perspective on Sustainable Peace

  • Personal peace building exercise

  • Designing a Peace Project

  • Preparing and giving a presentation

  • Opportunities with Peace Projects and Q&A

How do I attend?

Check out our Local Events page to find any upcoming seminars near you or schedule a seminar with us for a group of 20+.

How to host a seminar

Details for scheduling and hosting a seminar can be found HERE.