Creating a World of Peace by Living for Others


Our Mission

Empowering youth and students as global citizens through character education, peace projects, and intercultural activities to create a world of sustainable peace.

What if the next generation of young people, our future leaders,  grew up with a global mindset where they think of others more than themselves? In essence, isn't this the heart that makes a hero? What if such "heroes" became business owners, educators, doctors, politicians, environmentalists and public service workers? Wouldn't this culture of heroes bring about sustainable peace in families, societies, nations and the world? The vision of Youth and Students for Peace is to create a culture of peace in every part of the world where it becomes a norm to seek the benefit of others even above myself.

Peace Perspective

Youth and Students for Peace (YSP) sees service as something directly connected to sustainable peace. Like many things we want to see happen in the world it first starts with the individual and understanding our personal desires and priorities.

Wanting to benefit ourselves the most may sound like a selfish thing, but is actually natural. If we did not want the best for ourselves we would not pursue greater aspirations and joy in life. It is how we go about achieving our desires that determines if it is a selfish or unselfish act. If we end up taking from and hurting others to achieve our goals we would leave a wake of pain on our path to create our own happiness, but if we give and care for others as part of achieving our goal we would find more value and happiness knowing that we also brought happiness to others. Having the priority of benefiting others along with benefiting ourselves is important for peace in society. Peace is not just about having no war and conflict between or within a nation. It is about harmony and happiness. Even if there are no wars, but there are people living in poverty and suffering in the world, that is not true peace. That is why having a culture of giving is key. If people only prioritize themselves and take from a pool of resources along with many others thinking the same way, then those resources dry up. On the other hand, if people give to that pool instead and take only what is needed the pool can sustain itself. This is how peace can become truly sustainable: when people prioritize doing things more for others than just for themselves.

Our goal is to share the culture of living for the sake of others. This culture begins with us as individuals and within our families. When we learn to serve family members we create peace and joy within the family. Expanding on this heart of service it is also applicable within our community, country and the world.